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Default Re: Nationalizing Health care

I think that as a nation that is comparably rich, we have the opportunity and the obligation to serve the less fortunate among us with the most basic needs, like food and health in general.

Unfortunately, many government programs end up very inefficient, and a s result the people as a whole suffer with less results for more money. So the best thing to do would be to have "Vouchers" or something like that so that the government could get a bunch of health companies together and say "you have x amount of money per year per person that you serve" have them come up with what they would offer their potential clients and then let people who don't make enough money to buy their own health care choose which one they want.

this would solve the problem at a reasonable cost and also keep competition (lower prices) so that the rest of society wouldn't be dragged down too much. i don't like the idea of every body having the same health care plan, it scares the shit out of the free market man inside me, and to some extent that "big brother" is is watching you thing to.
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