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Default Do i have OCD?

Ok, i have taken 27 tests to find out if I have OCD and how badly i do. They have nearly all turned out mild apart from 3 and now I have doubts. My symptoms are:
- I tidy everything including my own desk at school and the peoples around me, and if I don't I can't concentrate and spend the whole lesson worrying.
- I worry that I have left things on to the extent that I will run home to check.
- I re-write work that I do in rough into a spare book so I can bare to look at it.
- I count things around me and in class rooms so I know when something has changed.
- I get changed in a certain order everyday and I will rather be late to something than not get changed in that order.
- I set myself challenges every task I do so that I feel accomplishment.
-My things are laid out in numerical or Alphabetical order.
- When I look at things I draw a triangle from that thing.

I have figured out that i have been doing this for as long as i can remember but I still need to know more.

Please help,
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