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Default Re: Can Women have it all?

Originally Posted by cmpcmp View Post
(Note: all stats and info is on the US)

Are women really under paid? well the answer is convoluted, If you were to go and see what jobs they are working and see if the women of the men were getting paid more, they say its something like 70/100 (so iv heard). But none of these studies that do this research account for some very important factors.

-past experience
-seniority (how long you have been working there)
-and other things

All of these things influence how much people are paid, like how teachers with a masters degree get paid more than those with out one, or in the same case, how teachers get paid more if they have worked at that school for longer.

read "choice theory"

in essence is says that because a woman is more likely than a man to take a break form their careerer, or start one late, or end one early, this makes all of the above factors come into play and causes their pay to be less, but infarct equal to the amount that a man who had the same amount of work would have gotten.

Hmm that is quite wrong.. Non of those things count in reality.. Most companies want 1 thing.. PROFIT! Now I dont know about the US or rest of the world but I am pretty much sure its the same everywhere.. In my homecountry they did a survey on people who asked for a raise..

2/3 Men got a raise

1/3 Women did

But yes in some fields expierince does matter to surten companies but a person who has expierince hasnt necessarily worked at a place for 10 years.. And the point is in here atleast and im sure in most places.. The pay is already unequal from the start.. And even if 1 man and 1 woman would have the exact same ''record'' of education and expierince and the exact same job.. The man would get paid more

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