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Default Ugh *falls over and dies*

I have the shittiest luck.

So, new trimester starts, I happen to be sitting right next this one girl, I dont know her all that well, but she's cute, ect.
I start thinking about it... you know, she might go for me.
So I look in the year planner for the next dance, Valentines Dance, two weeks from now.
I knew a little about this girl, and to my knowledge she was single.
I was gonna wait until next week, a little closer to the dance, and then ask her.
Now tonight, was a big rival wrestling tournament, everyone is there.
I went with my closest friends, btu this kid Ive known for a long time, (lets call him dickface, lol) comes and sits by us, right next to me. Now Im friends w/him, weve never hung out but were cool.
Only thing is, he is like the #1 turned down person in the school. I dont think hes ever had a gf, or even had someone who like him.
Hes talking to me, and he says, "I need to find a spot where I can save a seat for someone".
I say"theres room here man, I can scoot over if I need to. Who are you waiting for?"
Dickface says "*the girl*"
Im like "thats cool" but right then by heart sunk like a brick.
Then he starts checking his phone every few minutes, and im like "chceking your phone wont make her call"
Then her little sister comes and sits next to him.
She leaves, and Im like "WHo was that?"
"Its *The girl*'s little sis. What can i say, i like her whole family, and her,"
Yeah, he is totally into her.

I talked to another friend on msn afterwards.
Apparently theve been "hanging out" for months.
My friend said he doesnt know if she likes him, but hes probably already sked her to the dance.

How rotten of luck is that? I had no idea about dickface and her, but shes the one i happened to get my heart set on asking.
Geez. Damn.

Should I ask her anyway? idk...
damn, this sucks. Every girl it seems like, that I want to ask, I find out has some involvement with someone else. And to make it worse, this guy, dickface, its like, if he can beat you at anything, its sad. This is even sadder.

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