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Default Re: i feel fat and i want to lose my manboobs

Originally Posted by Death5987 View Post
Dude you got nothing to worry about i'm 5'8 235Lbs. and the only thing saving me from total fatness is because i'm not all fat thats 38% i know this because I want to do body building don't feel ashamed of yourself but don't get cocky even though i'm fat I could get a girl anybody is capable of a relationship but its keeping that relationship alive is what. I'll be honest I have never had a serious relation ship with a girl but who needs the relationship if you have friends they enjoy your personality this is cliche but girls will come. you are 15-14 you don't need this stress so just fool around. with loosing weight i'll be honest i'm a lazy piece of garbage i try to lose weight but it's just on and off for me i need to get my head right and I don't know your situation but you need to check yourself too we need to stay committed to a solid diet and exercise plan ( this link is a great Bodybuilder who has solid videos and knows what he's talking about if it wasn't for him i would still be 5'5 210 and not as optimistic hope you have success and i hope i do too summer is coming and i need to discipline myself. Deuces.
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