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Default Re: How far in puberty?

Originally Posted by wonkanerds View Post
Hi, on this page, girls can say how far they have gone into puberty, i'm doing this because im not sure if im going faster, slower or normally.

I'm 13 years old and I have quite a bit of pubic hair around my vagina but not too much I think, Ive also had some leg hair, but i shave them off frequently. My breast size is 32A and I have masturbated 2 times so far and I did enjoy it quite a lot lol. I started my period 4 months ago and I supose thats it reli.

thanks xxx

I guess i prefer to stay anonymous. Im 13 as well, and I think it's ok if you wear a 32A, you shouldnt really worry about it. Just a lil tip, masturbate as often as you can, it's a great way to relax. Not more than once a day though. If you have pubic hair, you are on your way to puberty. But masturbation is my obsession but maybe real sex would be better.

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