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Default Could really use some help.

Well first off, thank you for looking into this, I've never had this problem before and frankly it's really getting on my nerves.

Here's my situation..

I'm an 18 year old male, recently finished High School. I don't work, I'm now just recently single and I live at home. I don't know if this contributes at all or not (I'm assuming it certainly does) but I also habitually smoke marijuana (Daily).

This is where it gets very gray and hard to explain, please bare with me.

Very gradually, yet all of a sudden if you get my drift, I noticed this... 'Feeling' buzzing around in my head. This feeling is barely a feeling. It's almost as though a small light, somewhere deep in the recesses of my mind switched itself on, and WILL NOT SHUT OFF. This feeling was extremely Alien, and because of it I began to question many things. No longer would I sit and enjoy so much as a TV show or video game. I could no longer focus on a task without the worry of this feeling in the back of my head.

Soon after this feeling had made itself quite apparent, I fell violently ill with something the doctors couldn't put their finger on. Simply put, I lost all appetite (For about 1 week) and had persistent diharrhea daily (For about 1 week prior to loss of app. and persisted for about 1 week after I retained food).

With this illness, I was obviously stranded at home. Because of this, the feeling then turned to almost a kind of 'stir crazy' if I had to name it. It felt as though being AT HOME was now the problem..
However, the summer went on, and I recovered. The 'feeling' faded, and I felt as though I had won, and the 'feeling' were simply a side effect of the illness perhaps..

Now the problem.

It's winter, many months later and it's back with a vengeance. I feel as though I do the same shit daily, and that horrifies some small inner part of me enough to flick on that tiny little flare in the depths of my head. I feel as though, if I don't go out daily and find an activity to engage myself in, this feeling grips me and horrible anxiety sets in..

I can go into more detail on anything at all required.. If anyone here has any advice, any experience, anything at all.. I seriously need help. This feeling is starting to take over my life, and that alone should be enough for me to discredit it and move on, but it isn't.

I've always been very well adjusted, this is majorly rocking the boat on an otherwise calm sea.
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