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dont we already have one of these things?

Basic –
1-What is your name? –Matt
2-Date 4-1-05
3-time –7:45 pm
4-Str8t/BI/Gay –gay
5-Hair color –dark brown
6-Hair style –Short, could be affro if grown
7-Height –5'8
8-Age –16
9-Zodiac –Aquarius
10-Shoe size –hmmm... not sure

Personal –
11-The one thing you can’t live without –My computer
12-Person you hate the most – people who disagree with me (and Shaolin)
13-3 best qualities –Smart, outspoken, helpful
14-3 worst qualities –Lazy, semi fat, afraid of life
15-What makes you happy –sitting in front of my computer
16-What makes you sad –--homework on weekends or holidays
17-The best thing you have done in life ---climbed mt everest
18-Do you have a G/F –No
19-Do you have a B/F –No
20-Do you have a crush-no
21-Turn on – boys
22-Turn off – Mean People
23-Do you think personality or looks are more important – Both equally important
24-First thing you notice about someone – face
25-Do you get along with you parents – i guess.... kinda. maybe
26-Are they divorced, married, custody ECT –married
27-Have you gotten the talk by your parents –no never will
28-In sex Ed class are you that kid that asks all the questions –no
29-What do you sleep in –extra stretchy boxers and sleepingbag
30-What type of underwear –Boxers
31-Have you ever gone commando –--ya in elementary school a few times
32-Shave or trim your pubes – never
34-Has anybody ever come out of the closet to you –yes 1 time, i was pissed
35-Do you were make up –no

36-Your best physical feature – answering this question requires arrogance
37-Person you are most attracted to –some hot guy
38-When did you hit puberty –6th grade
39.Penis Soft-why would i measure soft?
40-Penis hard (be honest) –6.5"
41-Girth –N/A
42-Circumcised –yes
43-Virgin –depends on how you define it
44-When did you lose it (if applicable) –
45-Where did you lose it –
46-Most you have done with a guy –blow/hand jobs
47-Most you have done with a girl –made out
48-The first time you have jacked off –i think in 7th grade
49-# of times a WEEK you jack off –once a day
50-Most times you have jacked off in a day - maybe 3?
51-Shooter or dribbler – it shoots
52-Where do you usually jack off –bedroom or shower
53-When do you usually jack off –before i fall asleep or after i get out of shower
54-Do you use any techniques when you jack off - stop and go, or just go if in hurry
55-Do you use lube –sometimes in shower i use vaseline
56-Have you ever jacked off with someone else –yes
57-Who -3 friends of mine
58-How did it come about – truth or dare, minus the truth part
59-Have you ever been caught jacking off –thankfully no
60-Do you like jack off sessions to be long or short –:depends on how much time i have
61-Do you watch porn –yes
62-What kind – not something im proud of
63-Do you watch porn with your friends –sometimes
64-Do you like being nude –i guess
65-Do you walk around home nude if no one is home –no!
66-Do you use a urinal or go to the toilet –eh, i prefer toilet, use urinal when i have to
67-Where is the weirdest place you have ever pissed –outside
68-Have you ever used a public toilet – wtf do you think? YES
69-Do you wake up with boners –semi hard
70-have you ever had a wet dream --no
71-Have you ever compared sizes with someone –yes
72-Are you comfortable with seeing another person’s penis –yes
73-Are you comfortable with showing your penis –yes
74-Have you used a public shower E.G. after gym glass, at a pool -Yes, in bathing suites
75-Did you get a boner –----no
76-Did you see a person getting one –---no
77-What do you use to clean u jizz –boxers, shirt, or socks
78-Favorite sex position with guy –---N/A
79-Favorite sex position with girl –N/A
80-Do you like to give oral –yes
81-Do you like to receive oral –yes
82-Do you spit or swallow – never been in that situation
83-Have you ever had cybersex –yes
84-Do you like being spanked –no, pain doesnt appeal to me
85-Do you like being tied up –why would i like this? no im not into bondage

Other –
86-Do you do drugs or have you done drugs –never have never will
87-What kind –N/A
88-Do you smoke –No
89-Do you drink –No
90-If you can buy anything – top of the line alienware
91-Most pain you have been in emotionally –when i feel left out
92-Most pain you have been in physically –dont remember
93-What kind of job do you want when you are older-computer security specialist
94-What is on the wall of your room –paint first, then wallpaper, then posters
95-Are you popular -No
96-Your favorite quote, phase, ECT – its in my sig
97-Do you were any of those jelly “sex” bracelets - noone does at my school; i only know what your talking about cuz of the news
98-Pets -2 cats, Penny and Lucy

99-Animal –cat
100-Sport –olympics (all else is a waste)
101-Color –Blue
103-Song –techno (all kinds)
104-Movie –band of Brothers or any WWII movie
105-Feeling –dispirited, frightened
106-Shoes –skater shoes, though im not a skater.

107-Mood –happy becuase i finished tonites hw
108-Music –not listening to any
109-Taste –??? not eating anything
110-Hair condition –messed up
111-Smell –nothing
112-Hunger level – full
113-Longing – to be rich, happy, and powerful
114-Worry –life
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