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Default Re: Your Penis Sizes

Here goes my two cents:
I know at a younger age guys think about there penis, rather it being too small or looking diffrent. The average size penis for a adolecent male is around 5 inches (according to several websites). Not a single man has a penis exactly the same and what you have you should be happy for considering that some people are smaller than you are.

Ways to improve the look of your penis, and how to make it look bigger:

1. Trim that bush!--Some of you older guys know that the bush can get out of hand, cut it down a bith and the less clutter will clean up the look.

2. Get in shape!--Most men after gaining weight start to get flabby around their area, crunch those abs.

3. Remember that looking at your penis from your point of view may make it look alot smaller than it really is.

After all penis size isn't every thing, you must know how to use it first.
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