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Default Member Assembly: The Details

Member Assembly: The Details

First off I’m going to start with a basic definition of what this Member Assembly is.
Member Assembly = A group of non-staff members, that acts as a focus group to improve VirtualTeen.


The group of people first chosen will be a basis for the project, they will be chosen by the staff. From then on, the members in the assembly will have to choose new members. They can do this by accepting applications, then choosing. Or they can nominate a member. It’s the nominated member’s choice to whether or not they want to join the group.
It’s your behavior that determines whether or not you remain in the group. To stay in you basically have to follow all of VT’s site rules. You also have to be productive in some manner, and cooperate with others. You’re obviously out of the group if you are banned.
There will be one group leader, probably chosen by an Administrator at some point. They will make all final decisions.

The whole point of this assembly is to come up with ideas, and deal with issues, to make this site better. The group its self will decide if they want to have chat meetings (the Administrators will set up a private room), talk in a thread, or through a messaging system.
Presenting Your Idea

At the end of every month a thread will be made, stating what finalized ideas you have. The leader of the group will post in a thread titles “Idea(s) For January” or whatever month it is. In this thread the leader will try to go into as much detail about the idea, concept, or issue. The Admins/G-Mods will look at it, then they might take it to the rest of the staff, or everyone. All actual decisions are made by the Administrators; the member assembly just gives thoughts and ideas.
Other Information

· Don’t sign up to get a cool face. You won’t get one.
· The people in the group are not staff.
· The group will be given a private forum; only viewable by the member assembly, Admins, and G-Mods.

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