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Originally Posted by subhamrocks9211 View Post
Guys! I masturbate a lot. Nowadays I can't keep a gap of even 2 days to masturbate. Sometimes my sensations for dezire-ing sex becomes so strong that I can't control myself from mastubating even in 1 day's gap. And this has led to my faster ejaculation. Nowadays I am getting ejaculated in half minute but somedays(rarely) it takes 15 minutes to ejaculate. This much continuous and fast pace of masturbation isn't good no????? Masturbating in not more than a interval of 2 days not good no????? What should I do to stop this if its not good????? Please guys help me!!!
I vary really... some weeks I masturbate every night, others I have 3 or 4 day gaps inbetween, it all really depends on what's going on that week. But every day is in no way "a lot."

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