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Default so flippin UNFAIR!!!!!!

ok, i have a friend i spoke of before who doesnt talk to me much anymore. anyway, we seem ok now, but its not the same, she still would rather be with her own friends than with me.

There's this guy i really, really like. and she knows i like him, and she's so lucky cuz she's close friends with him. I really like him and he's so nice to me, and i dunno whether she likes him or not but they're really close, and i really really like him and WHY?????

my mind is totally crazy cuz here's this guy that ive had a crush on for YEARS and my friend isnt talking to me much and even when she knows i like him, she wont give me a chance with him. AARGGHHHHHH!!!!

i always see him....playing around with her, joking with her,its not fair! man, i feel like a baby ranting like this, but omg, i wish i could get close to him and i wish my friend would hang out with me again like we used to. ....ARGH! i really like him. i didnt realize i still liked him until a few days ago....ARGGH! not fair. i feel like im going crazy. in feel heartbroken cuz my close friend of seven years isnt talking to me and she's close friends with a guy she know i am totally in love with. AARRRGGGHH! i feel like my chest is bursting and i want to scream and i want to cry, but mostly i wanna scream and make the horrible feeling in my chest to go away.......


plz, someone talk to me

I hate stupid girls
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