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Default Re: Don't Do Drugs, My Experience

Originally Posted by Break the Cage View Post
i thought threads like this werent allowed??
you need to get some fucking self control if you let yourself get that bad, people like you shouldnt be allowed anywhere near drugs if your sucked in that easily.
no matter what you say, they have risks and all that, but use them safely and in moderation...
drugs ARE fucking good fun. end of

Have fun then its like coffee.. You start with 1 cup it gets you up and going.. Then in awhile you need 2.. Then you need 3.. Then 4 and so on.. Eventualy you'd end up drinking Red Bulls in the morning overall your body requires more and more to get going at some point youl end up at a point where you OD.. Sure some ppl will just smoke some weed for 50 years and nothing will happen except for some minor to serious memory problems but most ppl who do drugs end up fucked up and getting into more hurtful drugs..

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