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Exclamation Don't Do Drugs, My Experience

Now I know that most of us teenagers have dabbled in a few substances in our time (well I know I did) and we just do it to experiment, right? Well when I first ‘experimented’ I smoked a few joints and had the best time in my life. I was still in school at this time but smoking became a regular occurrence for the weekend. Then the weekend got boring, I needed a pick me up throughout the week so I started smoking before/during/ and after school. I reckon I was probably spending about 80 pounds a week on weed.

So then it started, I got some harder weed and then started smoking that constantly. When I say constantly I mean it. I was getting up in the morning and the first thing I did was roll a joint and it was the last thing I did before I went to bed. A few months later I was skipping class, stealing money from my family and spending nights on the street just so I could indulge myself in this so called pleasure. In the end I went back home and weaned myself off the weed. I mean I was still smoking it but not as much, it was like that for about 6 months and then it all started going wrong.

I was in my last year of school with some important exams coming up. What was I doing? I was smoking again, by this time I fell into the wrong crowd and had been introduced to harder drugs. When Friday night came I was all geared up for a weekend drug bender. I would take ecstasy, crack, weed, speed; you name it I took it.

I couldn’t afford this habit as it was easily coming up to at least 150 pounds a week so I started stealing stuff from my house, the penny dropped when I sold a Christmas present my mum gave me and bought some cocaine with it. My mum found my cocaine and started asking these questions and in the end I blurted everything out.

That was it she disowned me, I was chucked into a 3 month rehab program and was only allowed out to do my exams, which I flunked. My life was getting worse; I had lost everyone and had nothing. I spent my days just sitting in my room at the rehab center blankly staring at the wall.

Eventually after those three months I was considered clean enough to go home. Now I am back, trying to start a new life with new friends, college and all the rest.

This is my experience, the stuff that I had to deal with and the life I used to live. What I am saying to everyone is ‘Don’t do drugs’. This is coming from real experience. I messed up my life and saw friends die from drug abuse, the pain is still there. It may seem like a ‘cool’ thing to do, but believe me it isn’t.

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