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Default Re: ** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE **

Originally Posted by subhamrocks9211 View Post
Guys! I masturbate a lot. Nowadays I can't keep a gap of even 2 days to masturbate. Sometimes my sensations for dezire-ing sex becomes so strong that I can't control myself from mastubating even in 1 day's gap. And this has led to my faster ejaculation. Nowadays I am getting ejaculated in half minute but somedays(rarely) it takes 15 minutes to ejaculate. This much continuous and fast pace of masturbation isn't good no????? Masturbating in not more than a interval of 2 days not good no????? What should I do to stop this if its not good????? Please guys help me!!!
I, personally, and most others wouldn't consider every other day, or every day 'a lot'. Also, you don't need to wait a set amount of time before masturbating again, it won't hurt you to do it more often than you are doing it now. Where you got the idea of doing it more than once every 2 days is harmful is beyond me.
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