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Thumbs up poem called just a few words from benith

this is a poem i made recantly i dont know if its any good but i make heapz so here it is its called just a few words from benith
this i deticated 2 my older brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the pain all the hurt
All the memories erased with a few words

Razors, knifes, suffering, death
Is my life all that worth

U says its one big happy family
But u don’t know what lies beneath

Memories to painful to bring up
Where, where u all these years u know how it feels
U left me here to face it on my own while u live your lies all on your own

One day u won’t hear from me and only god will know what has been

Ur the only one who knows why

Live, live Ur life up as though I never exist
But one day u'll think of me and only a few words
Would have changed my mind that day

"I love u little sis"

behind these angel eyes lyes a girl who just wants to scream to death.

u know wat u did but everthings ok in your eyes.

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