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Originally Posted by cosmos
^^^ absolutely. why do you think its ok if 1 child is happy but 2 dads are unhappy?
They do NOT have the right to do that to a child I don't give a fuck if there happy or not, there adults they should understand that they do not have the right to do that to a child. I understand that being gay isn't a choice but a child is for a straight couple where the child can have a mom and a dad and if you ask me sibblings to for healthy development. I understand that homes aren't perfect I mean lmao look at my life. But having two dads would cause a TON of rideculling, confusion, embarassment, not to mention the other kids would basically banish him. When he or she hits puberty and there straight they could feel guilty that there not like there parents and try to be sumthin there not. It would be hell for the kid espically once they hit there teens.

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