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Originally Posted by JNJ View Post
I am Johnny K, I am bi, and am very open about it. I enjoy watching Jeopardy and Survivor, and I use the name JNJ on 3 other forums (RMT, Survivor, and Jeopardy, but I got banned from the Jeopardy forum for swearing).

I find homophobes to be evil, and I don't like them. I have no girlfriend or boyfriend, and I am desperate. And if some gay guy liked me, I would QUICKLY get in a relationship with them (I would even let the whole school know if we wanted to!).

So, um, I hope to get to know y'all and have a good time here.

But beware, I get my feelings hurt very easily.

And my birthdate is Nov. 20, 1992

Hey Johnny,
I'm adrian, and I am bi too. I find orientation to be in a percentage. And I think I'm 65% straight 35% gay.

Welcome to VT forums and I hope you have a good time here, I don't think you will get your feelings hurt here, unless an idiot comes in here and starts making fun of people. But that doesn't happen too often.

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