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global warming is a serious threat, by 2020 there will be an estimated increase of about 2.5 Degress Celcuis, and by 2050 5 Degrees Celcius. That doesn't seem like much but it is a huge difference as far as global warming is concerned. Whole countries will be flooded forever, and its our generation thats going to see it all happen, do you wan't to leave your kids with a world that is messed up?
ok 2.5 degrees celcius is the highest that i have heard of for 2020, but is there any way to verify if that is true or not?

basically ur trying to tell me that in 43 years the earth will be 12 degrees warmer on average? that does not seem right at all considering that the most estimates that I have seen put it way lower than that like.....
(3C hotter by 2100)
more interesting comparisons, temperature average vs. carbon emissions

call me crazy, but the average temperature dropped from 1955-1980, while the carbon emissions increased. What caused that drop in temperature? Dare i say something natural and unrelated to carbon emissions?
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