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Default Confessions

My life has been torn apart and I feel like I literally do have "one more day to complete my service." I've moved schools, fucked up my own life and someone elses and hate myself. I'm reaching the end of my roads.

VT, I've lied to you. It's finally time to come clean and admit everything. I'm not 17, I'm 13, well nearly 14 but I figure that it doesn't matter now.

During my absense I've run away from home, returned and got into a mess with some ibuprufen. Moving schools has just made everything worse. Whenever I think anythings going to get better it just gets fucked up even worse. Whats the real point in the end?

I'm sorry I lied to you all but you have to understand. I found this place when I was 11 and wanted to be part of it really badly so I made up a lie about my age. But the lie can't go on forever and neither can I.

Sorry to sound self-pittying. I love you all.

It's me, Felix.
Name changes annoy everyone, I know.
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