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Default My girlfriend...likes someone else?

Alright, well i better start from the begining. I was at my cousins house and he liked this girl, so it was New Years Eve, and she was going to her friends house. I thought i would call them, i would talk to her friend, and it would give my cousin an excuse to talk to the girl he liked at the same time. Well....i dont feel like getting into detail but there was a big fight between the girl my cousin liked and her friend. Me and my were on the phone with her friend till about 7A.M.(I know, it was a long time and all) So, my cousin and her started talking a lot, and whenever her and my cousin weren't talking, she was talking to me. Well as luck would have it my cousin asked her out within like a week, and she said yes. Things were going well for them, day. It was late...I was at a party with alcohol..I called her and told her i loved her in the same way that my cousin did. It was not untill then until i actually thought about her like that. (she lives in chicago and i live in a subburb so i try not to get involved)

Then, my cousin realized he had stronger feelings for her best friend, the girl he origianlly liked... So he broke it off with his girlfriend, i was right there for his now "ex". I told him i liked her, made sure it was okay. Asked her out she agreed. But, i keep getting the feeling she still has feelings for my cousin. She has called me his name before, but she is bad with names. I just have a feeling that she likes him still, and i've asked her, and she said she does not. But what reallly makes me wonder, is her dream. She had a dream of us getting married but ran away at the I Dos and got with my cousin. Well, i guess i lack major evidence to make such an accusation, but it still wonders around in my head....What do you think? Does she still have feelings for my cousin, we did go rather fast, but thats what she wanted and i told her to take all the time she needed, but she said she was ready...

<3 Katie
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