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Default can i get some1z advice plz

hey im new but i was wondering if this is a problem or is normal?

i only drink water 4 the day when i reach 2 the point that im starving then ill eat but in small portcions ,i dunno if thats good but im tryin 2 loose weight ,since 3 months ago i have lost 13 kiloz and now i still think 2 my self feel like im fat, every1 tells me i need 2 put weigh on but i just look in the mirror and want 2 smash it, i dunno why my friend always as a joke calls me fat and says jks but since a while ago she stoped saying jks and in front of ppl 2 she says it ,which is not nice i told her 2 stop but have just realised wat she is saying is true i dunno wat 2 think my sister says i should loose weight ,my friends say im fat im confused??

behind these angel eyes lyes a girl who just wants to scream to death.

u know wat u did but everthings ok in your eyes.

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