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Default I Actually Miss My Home Country For The 1st Time

Hi All

i moved over to the UK about 2 and a half years ago. My family are Portuguese/Greek/Italian BUT i was born in south africa and lived there for 11 and a half years im 14 by the way. I moved from SA as it was getting really bad such as crime etc and i didnt miss SA until this week, my friend from SA that was in my classes in my school moved to the UK to about 3 weeks ago and on saturday i met him again for the 1st time in 2 and a half years and was really great. but ive only missed SA since ive seen him, i was asking him questions about SA and it really made me sad that i left and today im feeling really down. what i dont understand is im only missing it now, i am thinking its this medication im taking for my acne called "Roaccutane" which i nrare cases causes depression and bad moods etc. No offence to anyone but i just dont like this country and now wish i could go back, my mom is also suffereing depression since we moved here but that was from day1. anyway its all i got to say.

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