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I’ve never seen your face
You’ve never seen me
How can I feel love?
Why do I feel free?

Sure we’ve talked
Yeah we know
Who we are
Where we live

But how can I feel
Over a wire line?
Peace never knows
Neither do I

I’m just an emoticon
Trying to figure out whats going on - don’t know what’s going on
This will end in hurt and pain
It always ends up the same
Better if I never see your face
Best if I stay in my place

Time will tell
Time will mend my heart
Time of course tore it apart
Yeah I lost my connection

Now its dark
You ripped out my heart
And I’ve never even seen you

Feelings spiked are feelings severed
I’ll be this way forever

"If love is surrender, then whose war is it anyway?" ~Imogene Heap

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