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Originally Posted by Mannequin View Post
i was wondering what you guys do when you are seriously depressed, when you feel like you have no way out....

Well I normally sit around and pity myself. But that doesn't really help if you think about it. Try one of these things:

Watch funny videos on youtube! If you need some that are funny i'll be glad to supply them!

Write! I know this may be hard...but it really does help. Just try writing what you're feeling. If that doesn't work then try to write about whats happening around you. Maybe go to the park and write about the people you see. Just be creative and always give it an extra shot!

Play an addicting game! I really like Bowman 2. I can't seem to get it right...but i'm trying.

Get a friend to come over and record funny stuff on the pc using a mic! Then mix it up and make funny sounds. Hey! And be sure to post it here for us to listen to!

I hope this helps. If it doesn't I'll make another list.

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