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Default [song] Already dead

Already dead - Piece of you

There’s a piece of you in every song I sing
There’s a deeper thought behind every meaning
There’s an unknown voice inside my heart/head

And girl at night when the rain pours down
It’s hard to feel who I am
When in my pain I nearly drown
All alone and scared I have to catch my hand
I can’t go wrong
The song/voice inside my head is screaming/singing
I drop the gun to the floor where my heart already lies
I can’t feel but I hear the rain falling over me

Who’s that talking in my head?
Driving me to make a choice
I’d be better off if I was dead
Drop the gun roll out of bed
What do I have to live for?

But baby when I’m thinking about you
Guns mean nothing there not an escape
I face reality living without you
I love you girl
But I can’t go on time is up
You passed me by
Tears closed my eyes
Love closed my heart
It tore apart
I don’t need a gun cause I’m already dead

I’m just trapped inside
This bag of flesh and bones
Cut my self open but I can’t escape
No way out

"If love is surrender, then whose war is it anyway?" ~Imogene Heap

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