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Unhappy What's With Me???

I'm not sure if this belongs in in PFB, but...

Ok, once you read this, you will never look at me the same way again, but here goes:

Lately, I have been known for getting WAY too desperate for a girlfriend. I've also sort of done some crazy things, too. I feel bad every night and I ask, "Why does everyone have girlfriends, and not me? Why? Why? Why?". I sometimes go as far as cry. And I also know that if I do somehow get a girlfriend, then I want it to be a serious relationship, and not just some...B.S. And I have also sometimes prayed to God to let me have a girlfriend. I just really need one! And sometimes I go as far as having "Sex" with my...oh, by pretending that it's actually a girl! I never thought I could say this to even 1 person, but now I am saying this to hundreds of people! !

But really, am I sick minded? What's with me?
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