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Originally Posted by RowanVer.3.0 View Post
Alright, I'm in a ranty mood today... Sooooooo, here comes my big bosom(happy willow I wrote bosom hehe) rant! Alright, to me, and I'm sure many other guys, big breasts are a turn-on. Same goes for big penises with girls... This is a pretty well known fact that nobody can deny.. But, it's not about the breasts... It's like picking what ice-cream flavour you want by it's colour. A girl(don't know if this part stands for small-penis'd guys as I'm not attracted to men, a girl'd have to que in here) can still be extremly attractive. This isn't saying they're more attractive, because they aren't.

Another thing is, when you really enjoy being around someone and all that junk, you want care as much about how big their mamarie glans are. It's cool if you do have huge boobs, and it's cool if you don't. It depends on the individual...

For an example, this one girl I know, she's very thin, and is flat-chested, but there's something about her I like. Doesn't falter how attractive I think she is because of her breast size.

To me, I've taken a liking to more girls with smaller breasts. I'd be lying if I said it was because of their small breasts that I liked them... Hell, if they had bigger breasts I'd probably be even more attracted to them. But that doesn't mean that just because the next person has bigger breasts or a nicer bum(lol for willow again) that I'll find them more attractive.

It's the individual. You are who you are. You have your whole life to get used to it
I couldn't care how big their breasts are.. I'd probably rather smaller ones than massive D's or E's. Most girls I dated were B, the rest were flat chested or A. I can't recall any C+.
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