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Default Re: Pure OCD

I personally both have obsessions and compulsions, so I can only half relate to you really.
But with parents, lord, mine didn't start getting it for a couple years. And my mum has anxiety as well, just not OCD. At first they sort of thought I was just being controlling, or irrational (for instance, some things just drive me crazy and I'd say "Don't chew your gum so loudly please," and they wouldn't really get it). And then they started to understand it a bit more, to the point that they're able to predict it all so they're ready (they knew where at the table I was most likely to sit, what noises would bother me beyond relief, to give me at least an hour of time to get ready in the morning if I had an appointment or something because my rituals would take too long, etc.) It's not easy to have to live with anyone with a mental illness, quite honestly. OCD isn't an exception. But I'm sure they would warm up to it over time. How much and how quickly, I don't know of course, but more than likely there will be an eventual change. It's up to you, however, if you want to wait and just not bother, or tell them.

If you want to talk to her about it, ask about confidentiality first. Figure out what she will and won't tell your parents. To get medication, yeah, I'm sure your parents have to know so they can pay for it. But therapy, you might be able to do that under the radar without them knowing about the OCD if they are willing to do it like that.

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