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Default Re: I need help. I don't know what to do....

The intrusive thoughts and irrational fear of harming others/children is a sign of OCD. If you are indeed terrified, then I would suggest going to see a professional about it. I myself have irrational fears of hurting people and being manipulative, and I know when it gets bad it gets REALLY bad.. you even said yourself that you have no interest in damaging children -- yet your brain is very conscious than you MIGHT, subconsciously. this must suck. even if it doesn't end up being classed as OCD, you seem to have a lot of strong OCD-like tendencies and very irrational fears that I think might want seeing to if you feel like you can't control them :3

If you don't feel like going to see a doctor, I would suggest reading up on the topic, at least so you can come to terms with what you have. I found it of great help to read this

just because it describes how I feel, and that's so reassuring, because it means that, although I'm feeling a bit crazy, there is a reason for it

anyway, really hope whatever you choose works out. :3 message me if you'd like to.
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