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Default Re: Do I have OCD ?

It's quite mild it sounds like, if you do. With the things you describe however, you could just simply have some OCD characteristics like a lot of people. Sure, some of those things are symptoms, but there's nothing there that is blatantly OCD (like extreme compulsive hand-washing, obsession with numbers in general and/or a specific number, very traditionally OCD things). My mum is a huge worry wart like that as well. But hers is generalized anxiety disorder. I tend to even convince myself that I left the door unlocked, left the cooker on, and such, just like my mum, but instead I'm diagnosed OCD and I have an obsession with the numbers five and nine, an obsession with hand sanitizer, intrusive thoughts and I fear that bad things will happen if I don't have complete control over various different things.

Best thing to do if you want to know if you have OCD, is to go to a doctor for an opinion. Though diagnosing a condition is usually with the intent to treat it, and a lot of people with milid anxiety disorders choose to not receive treatment because, well, they're mild. People with worse anxiety disorders that interfere with their daily life, school/work, and ability to function usually seek medication and therapy for their anxiety.

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