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Default Do I have OCD ?

I think I might. I always am worried when I leave the house if the dooor is closed, if the bathroom is clean, and I'm afraid at night if I didn't lock the doors someone is going to break in. When I take a test, I have to check my answers over and over. I have to check my clothes to make sure they have no stains. DO you think I might have a touch of OCD ? Also, when I eat I count the amount of food/ candy I have left. I get up and frequently go to see if the doors are locked at night . When I take a test, I have to make sure I have sharpened pencils and plently of erasers. If I need to write a paper, I need to make sure I have enough paper. If I am leaving the house, I Have to make sure the bathroom door is closed so my cat doesn't drink the toilet water. Advice ?
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