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Default Re: Nationalizing Health care

It has ups and downs
it costs ALLOT of money
espically because allot of Canadas population is getting old
then you look at Alberta with the oilfeild boom and i mean BOOOOM!!!
its put a HUGE strain on public healthcare because of the worker shortage and we cant build new hospitals fast enough

ER rooms are insane
at one hospital the ER room is so bad three pregnant girls have had miscarages waiting to see a doctor
like thats just sick
whenever i'm in trouble i go to a hospital in a small town cause your helped asap
like myy home town less then 900 people it services the whole area (3 small towns)
it just got like 250million dollars in new equipment

BUT it is getting better the oilfeilds finally starting to slow it'll crash soon
5-10yrs it'll start all over again
and like my parents would have moved to america cause they both had VERY good jobs waiting in both Ancrage and Seattle the reason they turned them down is because me and katie have always been really sick
like when we were first born we were in intensive care for months kate had a huge hole in her heart and i had a collapsed lung
we both had massive internal bleeding n blah blah blah
then my sister has always had allot of kidney problems
and I just keep getting hurt, stabbed, broken arm, cracked skull, crushed hand, etc....
we've both had ALLOT of surgerys and I actually need another one but its gonna hurt likle hell so i'm avoiding it (they need to break half my ribs lmfao)

we've had all of it for free like we pay taxes but no medical bills and no cash upfront period
like when i herd that in america some people actually have to PAY to see a doc or go to the ER i was like WHAT!

And then ontop of the public healthcare there are some private healthcare facilitys so if you have really good insurance or work for a great company like my dad and you need something done NOW! not in a few weeks or months you can have it done

like my sisters been fainting and losing her vision then her hearing
we were terrified something was wrong and the public health care system would have made katie wait so my dad went and talked to his boss and the company paid 30grand cash to have all her tests done in less then two days
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