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Default Re: The New Diary Request Forum

Well last summer I got shafted by a total of 97 hours of volunteering at my local hospitals I.C.U... My motherboard blew in my Mr. Compy... Then I started my wonderful sophmore year of high school, taking on the maximum number of honors classes including Algebra II H and Geometry H (first and second hour). I had problems in time management and I kind of went about six months without posting. I have forgotten how much I loved it, and IMMMM BAAAAAAAAACCCKKK!!! So at the next opening, could I have my forum (Band Nerds) back, of course under the condition that I post in it regularly.

The term "utopia" is combined from two Greek words — "no" (ou) and "place/land" (topos), thus meaning "nowhere" or more literally, "no-place/no-land."

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