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Default Re: Nationalizing Health care

Well every state had Medicaid/Medicare alternatives for people unfortuate enough to be in the lower income categories. I hear about mandatory waiting lists and systems of referals. Whisper, what is your take on the Canadian healthcare situation? Does the public insurance cover chiropractic services? Is there some sort of Primary Care Physician that must oversee all aspects of your treatment? Are the healthcare workers expected to take pay cuts to support it? To answer your question Anthony, no. We have healthcare programs in my state that are more than adequate for people that can't afford anything else. The tax burden would be too great, and I believe companies such as Blue Cross, Blue Shield (whom I personally carry) provide enough coverage at prices that are workable into most budgets. (Freedomfighter, I live in south Louisiana, and I must say I applaud you for being a Giants fan, but GOOOOOO SAINTS BIOTCH!!!!!! BLACK AND GOLD WEEKEND!)

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