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Default i dont understand

I have a friend who i have know for seven years. she's my longest friend, but now she doesnt talk to me. I dont know what happened, she just doesnt talk to me and we dont hang out anymore. She doesnt even look at me at school. I don't kno wat i did, but i think it has to do with the fact that she hangs out with "cooler" people now. Ive met those people and im like "wtf, she only likes them because they have such fake attitudes and they pretend they think she's hot and they say things she always wishes guys would say to her".

I've known she for too long, so i kno.

i miss her. my classmates are always telling me wats been going on with her and as her best friend, i shouldve been the first to kno that some guy liked her. Im really annoyed and confused. I feel sad and lonely. why are all my friends either treating me like crap or just ditching me for better people? i think im going to start the whole depression thing all over again. im afraid im going to try and scratch my arms until they bleed again. Im all alone now in school, and i dont understand why.

I hate stupid girls
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