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Default Re: Depression = sickness.

If its yoiur fourth year of high school, doesnt that mean high school is alomost over? Im in my fourth year too and im graduating this june. Omg, believe me, i cant wait to leave all the drama queens of my school behind, lol.

i dunno if ur talking about the same experiences i had, but i was pretty stressed out. ALways crying, and coming here to VT when I felt like OMG!!!!

I think u need to take things easier. Wat exactly makes you nervous? Like, are there people in school who make you uneasy? Are you depressed because your parents expect more out of you in terms of your schoolwork?

send me a pm if you want.

btw, i suck at sports too, so whenever i play sports in PE class, everyone is like "ugh, Jowie". but who cares??? just try your best and other than that, its like whatever. u cant be the only kid in your school who sucks at sports.

I hate stupid girls
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