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Default This might be a bi-polar impulsive thing

Well, first of all I'm bipolar.Typically i go into a mania when something traumatic happens, for instance 2 weeks ago my aunt went into the hospital with a coma, and I've generally been depressed, up until night time, and then i cant sleep. I've been staying up for 2-3 days at a time, until recently when my doctor upped my meds. Now the last few days I've been pretty cool, but My friends obviously noticed something odd about me lately and told me i should get laid. So that got me thinking, and I used to know this girl who was pretty easy, and she doesn't look bad at all, and I still have her number. I'm not really looking for a relationship specifically with her because we don't really click other then sexually. So i was thinking, maybe give her a call, i figure It's been a few months since i broke up with my ex, and I figure i could use the treat. Then today i called her, and she wanted to see me in person tomarrow. But then again, I don't want to be another asshole guy that uses this girl. So im kind of stuck, I really can use it, I could probably just get head from her, but Idk, it might be an impulsive bi-polar thing like the title. Should i just see her and be a prude tomarrow? Advice?
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