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Censorship in the American media is part of a growing problem of government control. Not only is the fact that you aren't allow to choose what you see disturbing, but I am very perturbed by the FCC's priorities and the rating system.
A movie is more likely to get an R rating for sex, profanity, or nudity than it is for violence. Nobody was ever hurt by fuck, shit, bitch, or dick. Violence can be very harmful psychologically to younger children, even teenagers. Sex is one of the most natural things on earth, the discussion of it will even put a movie or tv show's rating up, and let's not forget about nudity,(please don't turn this into a debate on this subject in normal every day life) is it not harmful for children to know what an ant looks like better than a human? A child will grow up thinking their body is dirty and wrong. People should be allowed to choose what they view in the media, regardless of what the government prudes think. This country is supposed to be based on freedom, but something as simple as television is censored beyond belief.
Voilence harmful to children? Bullshit! I've played Duke Nukem since I was a little boy and look how I turned out. Okay, just kidding, I'll be serious now. Voilence is harmful to children under 5. But over that age it's okay. Unless the kid is really, really impressionable, or if the voilence is extremely brutal, there's no problem with him seeing a car being blown up by a rocket launcher. In fact it would probably entertain him. But there are some people out there who like to emulate stuff like action movies (namely, idiots) who shouldn't see voilence.

Children should be ALLOWED to see sex. Not have it shoved in their face. I'm fine with letting kids see sex or nudity if they really want to, but lying to kids about sex (like when a kid asks "where do babies come from?" the mother or father will ususally tell a shitload of lies) is just stupid. It's some weird cult thing we have going on where if a kid knows what the word "boob" means, the universe suddenly explodes. Not only does it make no sense but it takes more work to lie to your kids than it does to just come out and tell them. You know all those annoying fuckin' "you must be 18 or over, enter your date of birth, we have a policy against kids using this, etc etc" bullshit you see whenever you try to do ANYTHING? That's only there because of censorship. It's what I like to call the pussification of america.

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I disagree. It's the parents problem if they don't explain sex to children. It's not the medias responsibility to teach it to them. Most likely the child isnt going to even understand what they mean or talk about in the tv show or movie anyways.

It's not that you have to wait one age to explain everything. You give it to them in doses that they can understand.

That girl's parents lied to her. That may have been the reason for her early sex, but it doesnt take a genius to figure out that it's not because of the media censorship. The media isnt responsible for educating sex. It's the responsibility of the parent. A responsibility that they inherited when they chose to have a child, wether planned or not.
Nobody ever said it was the media's job to teach kids about sex. Parents are just too much of pussies to tell their kids or even "give it to them in small doses" like you said. They can't deal with something even as simple as explaining to a kid "this is what happens when a man sticks his dick into a woman". Which is why the parents got bitchy and tried to censor the media so they could put off telling their kids until they're 18 and expect them to magically understand everything by that age. This is the reason that I hate censorship. It's just becuase of a wussy ass society who thinks that instead of supervising their kid and teaching them right from wrong, they think they should just ban everything objectable.

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