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Default Re: President Bushs new Iraq strategy


No, his strategy is to just wait it out and let the next unlucky guy, who's president, fix this, if at all possible. I think he's (Sorry, but after so much bullshit I have to say it) A GOD DAMN IDIOT!! He can barely speak proper English, let alone rule a country. So.... we get back at him by re-electing him! So....... now he's running the world to the ground! We don't need more troops, but we can't pull the rug out from under them now. If it wasn't bad eough now, just wait! Blair is making it so that the democrat's plan will be......., the easiest way to say it is, bad, or mean.
well some soilders families may not want to see them be sent off to die in some pointless war.
. Not exactly true. It may be stupid, but they did have a plan of action and reason to do it. A lot of people think Saddam was responsible for 9/11. HE WASN"T (he was indirectly and wasn't against it. I think he may have pushed the idea along, but didn't do it so some other extremist Muslim group(Al Quaida) did. He was put to death because he was a God awful dictator.) RESPONSIBLE! I think are military tactics are miserable. The Japaneese were better in WW2 than ours now. I think we've gotten worse. In the WW's, we were the bomb! No one messed with USA! (No I wasn't alive; I like the military channel ).

Well, no I don't agree to shorten that.
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