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To Sage, I believe that while a person of a religion that is not the one I believe in will not go to Heaven right away, I don't believe that they would go to Hell immediately either. It is said that to enter Heaven, you would have to live by the faith of God, but you also must be a good person. Also, I believe that when you die, God still weighs your good deeds and your bad deeds to see whether or not you should be allowed into Heaven, regardless of christianity, so a good person who believes in something else would still have a chance of going into heaven.
I've said it once and I'll say it now: You have a useless God that only serves the purpose of a divine comfort-cushion so that there's the illusion of cosmic justice in this world. Life isn't fair. Your God does not matter if believing in him is not one of the qualifications for getting into heaven.
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