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Default Re: Adobe Premiere question

Well, first thing: You won't be able to capture DV via USB 2, you need fire wire to do this. If your pc doesn't have a fire port you can buy a fire wire pci card of eBay for peanuts (not too much money). As soon as you're set up with a fire wire port you should just be able to plug your camera in and start capturing your footage. I'm not too sure as to what you need to do to capture in Adobe Premiere but put it in Google and you should be able to find out.

If premiere still doesn't recognise your camera look in the instruction manual for 'how to capture video to my pc' or something along those lines.

But, an overall solution to this would be to just buy a Mac, they work. There's no drivers, 3rd party capture cards or plug-ins, you just plug in the camera and it works lol. But they do cost in excess of £1600 so yeh just a bit expensive

If you ever want any more general advice / editing tips / camera tips then go ahead and PM me, I'm a fanatical film maker and am quite happy to help!

Hope you understood all of this, I'm kinda tired, well knackered suites me more, and when I'm tired I don't always make sense lol.

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