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Originally Posted by Waiting View Post
you sound like me when i was that age
things do gt better
as you grow up, people will change
i went from bullied to shit, to a good group of friends with a change of schools
i went from expelled out ofone school, nearly kicked out of my next, and now am at one of the best public schools in the country
you just have to push on and persevere.
tell your parents.
they most likely know already, but they will need to hear your emotiosn comming fromy our mouth
and if that doesnt work, find someone, anyone else to talk to.
get it out somehow
you'll feel better

Ohh yes that will help alot! Maybe with hes home life but hel still get bullied at school just like me.. Nothings changed in 7 years of stupid school.. I dont know the only thing I fear is that I wont last through school.. And will ruin my future by not studying useless crap to advance in the education system.. And even if I will succeed school I fear that il never have any friends like I dont know besides 1 whos now 120 miles away from me.. And that il be some adult guy who goes to work talks to no1 comes back home deals with weird hobbies and never gets married, has children or anything like that.. But idk I guess all you can do is suffer like me and hope you will last

I'm tough, rough, ready and able
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But I'm fighting my way back
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