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I hate my religion and any religion that is lead by insane fanatics, I am a follower of Catholicism, but I do not have the same views on science and gays as others do. I am also a member of YACHT which is a method of thinking and philosophy that melds with my religion perfectly.

Religion has basicly been destroyed by man because everyone wants to twist it so that they have an excuse for ignorance, discrimination and war. If we all followed the laws set down by religions we would mostly be happy.

The bible is flawed, thats all I have to say. I dont view the bible as my holy book, I view art as my holy book. The bible contradicts itself, it has been rewritten by so many people that it barely resembles the beautiful book that it is supposed to be and it has once again been twisted for personal gain.

So many people mis interprate religion, this is what makes it a terrible thing, I still follow my religion but I incorprate all religions to myself. I am catholic but i also follow teachings of buddha and other religious figures.

So religion is not always bad. its the fanatics who ruin it for everyone
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