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Originally Posted by nwshc
Well ya he did try but people are not getting the point here. Millions of Iraqis were being killed by this guy. He harbored terrorist and even killed his own people. Since we have gone to war, we have takin a big cunk out of the terrorist network and have freed millions of people from tyrany. Mabey some of the Iraqis dont like us. I feel sorry for them. But down the road they will be greatfull that now they can vote and have a say in the government without worrying that they will be beheaded. Now if you are telling me that we shouldnt have gottin involved PLEASE say something because i would love to counter that. 8)
Ok i'll counter your terrible argument.

- Millions of Iraqis were being killed by this guy - Hmmm, if you add the statistics of casulties from the Iraq war it tops the statistics of the people Saddam killed. Add Afghan to the list..and ha!

Saddam was a bad bad man, yes thats right! He was a very bad man. He killed alot of people. But there were and are many more dictators much more worse and killing more people than him. Harbored terrorists - So does the US and just about every country on this planet!

Terrorism - Iraq is now linked with terrorism, yes the fear tactics and propaganda have definatly taken root in your mind now. Everytime you hear the word "Iraq" words like - OSAMA, TERRORIST, EVIL, BOMB might pop up in your mind....

Terrorism is not a national organisation, it's not official. It is not a vast cell of underground networks that can be readily tracked. Terrorists cannot be accounted for or statistics drawn up on how many there are, because it is simply an underground phenemon, as in some people will be terorrists on their own, and not tell anyone, or others will join groups etc Most terrorism cannot be counted. Every bin laden you kill 100 more will popup. Terrorism is basically a group of extremists who are against government policy. One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.

I think by INVADING Iraq, blowing up markets and killing thousands. Causing alot of collatoral damage. The only real terrorism here is President Bushs work.

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