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Originally Posted by dying lullaby View Post
i wanna cut badly right now.

i get this way every time i am near my old best friend for more than like 30 seconds. he was the best friend i had then he ditched me over our one and only fight. that was over a year ago and i am still sore about it. it just hurts, you know? to lose someone who you would die for over night...well im just feeling bad because i still love him and he's gone from me now forever.

i think i might go tell him how i feel.
hopefully that will help.
oh my baby
i wish i could be there to give you a cuddle
i wish you were here to give me a cuddle too.
i know everything seems shit, but you + him will make it up.
i believe this can happen
besides anyone stupid enough not to love you
dont deserve you in the first place.
fights happen.
just look to the future
make contact.
even a simple 'hey' walking past him will make a difference
i miss you hun xxx

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