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I think the war in Iraq was completly pointless, from the start.


Firstly, Iraq posed no threat to the United States of America. As in Missiles and Nuclear tecnoledgy, the worst they had were those mamoud mk 3 missiles, whatever their called, and even then, those barely reached neighbouring countries.

Saddam funding terrorists? Shock horror, there are people in the US that fund terrorists!

Also, why is it OK for the United States to have Nuclear Missiles, and other countries not? WHat makes the USA morraly supreme? Bullshit if you ask me.

As far as WMD are concerned, Iraq was allowing UN inspectors in, and yes some Iraqis were skeptical and secretive. Im not surprised. People speaking foreign languages and checking under my toilet for C4 would piss me off.

To free the Iraqi people? - Oh come on!!! Thats a SHIT argument, there are many many countries with dictators that are opresing some parts of their population, Why Iraq first? Why not Cuba? Or NK? etc

Infact North Korea posed more of a threat to the US than Iraq, Iraq posed no threat, whatsoever. Why did the USA attack Iraq.

Oh and when i say USA i mean the 'Coalition' - I don't agree with why British Soldiers are there, but ill lump them under the USA, because usually our countries miliatary are doing worthwhile campaigns.

To free the Iraqi People - Oh well, yeah they have freedom. They also have daily terrorist attacks, burnt down houses, dead relatives.......

HalliBurton? Why do they have the contract for oil pumping...Afterall Bush is closeley associated with them and they had secured the deal before it was even reported that there would be one!

I wont give you a bunch of conspiracy theories, as im sure everyones heard them all before, oil, platform in Middle east etc...

However the War is unjusftified and if you support it, seriously get some insight and take an IQ test.

Because your fucking stupid if you do, by supporting the war in iraq you support the deaths of soldiers and civillians, and the rapes and crimes commited there!

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