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Originally Posted by donkeymkong View Post
jacking off every day is perfectly healthey. if it werent, there wouldnt be any healthy guys in the world haha. no, its not a myth that uncircumcised people have more sensitive or pleasurable dick heads, and imnot going to lie im jealous of you. 10 inches is huge! you have to be careful when having sex, because im sure that if you go too hard you could hurt your partner. but im really jealous of you for that too haha

that depends, does this happen every simgle time you jack of, or just sometimes? there was this one time when i had jacked off for an hour and a half and it ended up hurting like heck. if it happens every tine, i would get it checked out. if not, i wouldnt worry about it too much
Originally Posted by karlwithak View Post
is it normal for my balls to hurt after i wank... alot ???
alright,because pretty much every night i jack off and cum. and haha,well dont be to jealous,i recently had sex with a virgin...i went as gently as possible and it still hurt,so it sucks. oh and also,its a pain to hide. also,if im with that guy,if it hurts every time,get it checked. but ive jacked off and came like 3 times in 2 hrs and it hurt like hell afterwards,but thats because your balls are working really hard to produce sperm.
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