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Default Re: sexual exaust/over masturbation--desprate help..

EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT THE DAMN ADDS, (even tho they wernt really adds)
ok, this kinda happens to me 2, but i dont lose hair
i've asked a lot olf similar questions 2 urs ok. i understand so hear me out. ppl on this site have told me to go see a doctor so maybe you should as well. tell your parents you want to see a doctor soon, and if they ask why, just say it's a guy thing, ok

-also ask everything you need to and make sure your parents are outof the room if you don't want them to know

who knows where tomorrow will take us?
who knows when the day is done?
who knows why the clouds just linger, and hide away the sun? why do we never see destiny? why do we never see truth? why do we only feel our future, when we close our eyes to dream? where will we be tomorrow? where will our dreams surface? where will our pathways finally meet? why can't i just sleep?

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