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Default Re: Advice for friends with OCD

Geez, you were diagnosed young. I was diagnosed a year ago, I had to have psych. eval when going to the hospital for multiple infections in my hands. I am supposed to be on medication, but I don't take it. I manage decently on my own. This past week has been awful though. The counting is beginning to get ridiculous. I am constantly counting everything and it has to all come to an even number. If it doesn't, I will force it to. The walk from my bus stop to my bathroom is (supposed to be) 235 normal steps. When I get off of the bus, I take a step backwards as my first step, then begin counting from two so that it equals 236.
I have been washing excessively too. My knuckles are dried out from sanitizing and I can't bend my fingers right without breaking the skin. It hurts like crazy

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